If you know HTML basics, you can develop custom note markup on the notebook level, which will be used by each note in it.
First click on the "Markup" menu item in the notebook menu:
Here you will see the complete list of available markup options where you can add your own or remove the ones you don't need.
For example, the following markup rule:
[google query] | <a href='http://google.com/?q={?query}'>Google: {query}</a>
will enable you to enter:
[google test]
and get Google search link:
If you need raw (plain text) value, use {value}, if you need to urlencode it for embedding in an address, use {?value}.
Markup rules aren't limited to fonts and colors, you can embed almost everything from the websites that support it.
For example, look at the [youtube] markup rule that wraps any youtube video ID into an embedded video player:
Please note that —Āustom markup output will NOT be escaped from potentially dangerous tags, therefore your must be careful. We intentionally did it in order to give you more flexibility.