Note markup is based on markdown ( It enables to markup any text without visually distracting elements like HTML tags. The focus is on text itself, not on its formatting.
There are almost no visual differences between plain and markdown-formatted texts. The latter adds links, tables and pictures. These questions are covered on the corresponding pages. Now let's review basic text formatting.
From the very beginning I must say that markup sometimes turns on when you least expect it. Click here to learn how to escape formating.

Bold - double **

A sample of **bold** text.
A sample of bold text.

Italics - double __

A sample of __italics__ text.
A sample of italics text.

Text color- [color] и [c]

[color red Red text]
Red text
[c red Red text]

Background color - [bgcolor] и [bg]

[bgcolor red Red background]
Red background
[bg red Red background]
Red background

Font size - [size] (15 by default)

[size 30]Large text[/size]
[size 30]Large text[/size]
[size 10]Small text[/size]
[size 10]Small text[/size]

Headers - start with

= Header 1

Header 1

== Header 2

Header 2

=== Header 3

Header 3

==== Header 4

Header 4

Separator - three minuses in a row


Highlight special words - wrap it into ``


Code block - wrap it into ``` and ``` with the optional language name after the block start, like ```php


Quotations - start the line with any number of >

> Hello, Mike!
>> Hello, John!
Hello, Mike!
Hello, John!

By the way, can develop your own formating rules!