The note editor is text-based with Markdown support and custom markup rules.
The editor itself is flow-oriented: it's really easy to add lines of text and edit individual lines. This way you are sure that all information is correct on the server.
When you enter something into the "Add line" field and hit Enter, your information goes directly to the server. When you edit individual lines or delete them, too.
You can still edit note text as a whole using the right top "Edit" button, but it's much easier to work with small chunks of text and data, than to edit long texts.
Here are some editing hints:
  • 1. When you hit Enter, the editor detects if you are at the end of the line. If not, it will split the line in two, allowing you to insert more lines in the middle of the text. If you are at the end of the line, it means that you want to save line.
  • 2. Use Ctrl+Enter or just switch to another block if you want to save a block you edited.
  • 3. Hit Escape if you want to cancel editing of the current line.