Your personal local Adomation Docs proxy service that speeds up your work by reducing network delays to zero, transparently synchronizing changes with the central server every minute. What's more important is that it works even when you are offline, sycnhronizing the data whenever you finally get back online.
It's a windowless Windows application that hides into the system tray immediately after startup and launches its built-in web server with a local copy of all features available online. You just need to click its icon and login locally (requires active Internet connection), then it will create a local copy of all your notebooks and synchronize them automatically every minute or on your request (red "refresh" button at the top left corner of the local app).
It's a "proxy" for the online service, but with built-in offline mode and transparent synchronization.
It's not just a single-user app. Several people can use the same instance of the application simultaneously, and their data will not interfere with each other, like in a regular proxy server. You can install it into a single computer inside your local network then tell the address to your team. They don't even need Windows computers to use it or even a computer - they can perfectly work from mobile devices as long as they can access it locally. And, even if you don't use Windows by yourself, just create a virtual machine for the only purpose of running this tool, it will work great, too.
Don't forget to open its port to your team using built-in Windows or any other firewall you use. It's absolutely safe because even if somebody gets access to it, it will still need to know your login and password.
The only drawback of this tool is that it synchronizes all changes using the central server even when multiple people edit the same notebook at the same time. Yes, they will get a combined final version in about a minute, but it's not a real-time tool. However, you can always commit or update to the most recent version manually by clicking the red "refresh" button at the top left corner of the app.
Please note that if you have plenty of notebooks and notes, it may take several minutes to download and create a local copy of them whenever you login to the proxy for the very first time. Just be patient and don't hit the "Login" button multiple times. After the initial caching process, next login attempts will take milliseconds.
You can always download the most recent Adomation Docs Proxy here: